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Causes and repair methods of bearing bush wear

2022-07-13 管理员 Read 997

The bearing bush is the contact part between the sliding bearing and the journal. It is a semi-circular cylindrical surface in the shape of a bush, which is very smooth. It is generally made of wear-resistant materials such as bronze and antifriction alloy. When the bearing works, a thin oil film is required between the bearing bush and the rotating shaft for lubrication. If the lubrication is poor, there will be a direct wear problem between the bearing bush and the rotating shaft. Let's take a look at the specific causes of bearing bush wear and repair methods.

1、 Background of bearing bush wear:

The bearing seat of a forging press in an enterprise has serious wear and tear. The upper bearing seat can be replaced, and the lower bearing seat is integrated with the main body of the equipment. It cannot be replaced and needs to be returned to the factory for repair. However, the enterprise cannot bear the loss of downtime for such a long time, and the cost of returning to the factory for repair is too high.

2、 Cause analysis of bearing bush wear:

(1) The casting of the alloy layer is defective, there are micro cracks or hidden dangers of shelling, the surface is rough, there are pores in it, and the natural wear is fast after it is put into operation.

(2) The lubricating oil of the bearing bush is not clean, there are sundries, or the circulating oil circuit is not smooth enough, and the oil supply is not timely during operation, which increases the friction between the bearing bush and the journal, resulting in premature wear of the bearing alloy.

(3) The seal is damaged, and dust or materials enter the bearing bush, resulting in premature wear of the bearing bush.

(4) The Bush is not well matched with the shaft, the inner spherical surface of the bearing base is not well matched with the spherical surface of the bearing bush, and the contact spots are unevenly distributed, which makes the local wear of the main bearing bush faster. The main reason for this situation is the Bush mouth.

(5) Mechanical overload increases the working load of the bearing bush and causes premature wear of the bearing bush.

In view of the above bearing bush wear background and reasons, the traditional method can not solve the problem of narrow operation space, and can only use the method of on-site disassembly free. In order to resume production as soon as possible, the enterprise adopts the soray carbon nano polymer material repair technology, which does not need to be disassembled as a whole, but can be disassembled partially, only the worn parts can be repaired, and the repair time and effect are very good.

3、 Repair method of bearing bush wear:

(1) Check the wear of the bearing seat;

(2) Deoiling the bearing base with oxygen and acetylene, and grinding the repair surface with an angle grinder to remove high points;

(3) Dry the repaired surface after washing with absolute alcohol;

(4) The bearing bush is dried after being brushed with release agent for standby;

(5) Mix the sd7101h material, apply it to the repair surface, quickly install the bearing bush in place and level it, then remove the extruded excess material and wait for curing;

(6) After curing, remove the bearing bush and check that the repair surface is flat and smooth and fits with the bearing bush without clearance;

(7) Use the same method to repair the lower bearing pedestal, and pay attention to the operation space when repairing the lower bearing pedestal.

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